About the class of 2024

Name: Xyoisan Danser

Educational background: Bachelor Bèta Gamma with a major in Physics at the University of Amsterdam.

Why AMEP: When looking for a track, AMEP caught my eye immediately. The name spoke to me, Advanced Matter and Energy Physics sounds exciting. I looked into the track more and found that I did not just like the name. The large number of electives makes it possible to put together your own program as you like it. With courses ranging from condensed matter to nanolithography and photovoltaics, a lot of relevant subjects for the present and future. The combination between theory and experimental physics that this track offers was just the right mixture for me.

Role in AMEP: Webdesign

Name: Esther van Grondelle

Educational Background: Bachelor Natural and Social Sciences (University of Amsterdam) with an Erasmus Exchange to the University of Zürich.

Why AMEP: In the Bachelor I was most interested in courses in Quantum Mechanics and Statistical Physics. Beside this, I really enjoyed my bachelor project in experimental hard condensed matter physics in the group of prof. dr. Schall. During this project I discovered that I really enjoy the cooperative aspect of doing experimental physics. In the future, I would like to research materials that will help making our world more sustainable.

Role in AMEP team: Poster design

Name: Joris Pals

Educational Background: Bachelor Physics & Astronomy  (Joint degree University of Amsterdam & Vrije Universiteit).

Why AMEP: I hate the existential dread coming from the less applied physics fields. But mostly I like to use cutting edge physics to improve everyday life and make a real difference.

Role in AMEP team: Head Communication Supervisor, ICT support & Managing baked goods distributor👨‍🍳

Name: Georg Krause

Educational background: Bachelor Physics at the University of Konstanz, Erasmus exchange to AMOLF Institute Amsterdam for Bachelor’s thesis.

Why AMEP: I am eager to follow an (academic) career in the fields of applied physics research. Being specifically interested in topics such as green energy, environmental issues and biophysical research, I am looking forward to the broad opportunities the AMEP study track as well as the adjacent research institutes provide.

Role in AMEP team: CEO & Principal AMEP hair stylist

Name: Jonne Drost

Educational Background: Bachelor Physics & Astronomy at the University of Amsterdam.

Why AMEP: I find it delightful that the interaction between theory and experiment can allow me to have a meaningful intuition about something so initially unintuitive as quantum-mechanical phenomena.

Role in AMEP team: co-primary vice-executive assignment grader and great cheese

Name: Lluís de Miguel

Educational background: Double Bachelor’s in Physics and Mathematics at the University of Barcelona

Why AMEP: I tried theory but I didn’t see myself working on just a blackboard for the next 40 years. Trying to find my place in physics doing a more experimental track now.

Role in Amep team: Big Boy.

Name: Zitao Zhang

Educational background: Opto-electronics Science from China University of Mining and Technology

Why AMEP: I’m not very sure if I’m going to do research or just directly going to the industry in the future. So I need a programme for me to prepare for both of them and AMEP is the perfect one. Many of the collaborative research institutes are closely associated with industry which provide me all kinds of opportunities.

Name: Jeffrey Suen

Educational background: Bachelor of physics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Why AMEP: After trying out astrophysics and semiconductor physics undergrad projects, I realised a more practical approach to physics is just as interesting. The close link with many research institutes and industry also opens plenty of options for me.

Name: Ana López Poyatos

Educational background: Bachelor in Physics at the University of Barcelona

Why AMEP: I wanted to combine both the deep understanding of matter’s properties and behaviour with a more practical and experimental approach, so that these two knowledges can support each other and provide a solid background for working on the field of energy and materials.

Name: Bas Tuin

Educational background: Bachelor in Physics and Astronomy at the University of Amsterdam and the free university of Amsterdam.

Why AMEP: I liked studying material physics and wanted to learn more about the subject and the Advanced Matter and Energy Physics master track covers this and other subjects that interest me very well.

Name: Theodoros Ioannis Tziampazis

Educational background: Bachelor in Physics at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Why AMEP: I am interested in material science and AMEP track gives me the opportunity to delve into it, by combining courses with theoretical and experimental background.

Name: Arthur Grooteman

Educational Background: Bachelor in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the Vrije Universiteit & Premaster Physics and Astronomy

Why AMEP: I was missing the presence and exploration of the mesoscopic level as well as more in depth mathematics for quantum physical systems in Chemistry. AMEP is a perfect blend of Chemistry and Physics for me where I can focus on material science from both a theoretical and practical standpoint. It is my hope that AMEP will allow me to create my own niche within material science.

Role in AMEP: Resident ghost and wild card