About the class of 2025

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Name Luna Patricia Warzawa

Background Liberal Arts and Sciences Bachelors at Amsterdam University College

Why AMEP After doing physics internships during my Bachelors that were more experimental and applied, I realised that having a good mix of theory and applied physics is my cup of tea. In the AMEP track, I can explore different directions which all have direct links to real-life problems, which is quite exciting.

Name Sjard ter Huurne

Background Physics and Astronomy at University of Amsterdam

Why AMEP Always loved working in a laboratory setting and AMEP provides the perfect opportunity for experimental physics and research

Name Max Bramer

Background BSc in Physics and Astronomy at the University of Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit

Why AMEP What I like about AMEP is the experimental approach to studying fundamental physics. I also like to keep in mind possible applications that research into materials might have. After doing several courses on quantum materials and optics and doing my bachelor project at the LaserLab, AMEP seemed like a logical next step.

Name Amber Visser

Background BSc. in Physics and Astronomy and BSc. in Chemistry at Utrecht University

Why AMEP I chose AMEP because what has always linked my interests is materials. I enjoy diving deep into theory and really understanding something, but I also love making stuff and AMEP gives me the opportunity to do both.

Name Marieke Brugge

Background BSc. in Physics and Astronomy at the University of Amsterdam and an intermezzo of Journalism at the University of Amsterdam

Why AMEP During my bachelor’s I enjoyed the courses in Statistical Physics, Quantum Mechanics and Optics the most. After finishing my thesis in the lab I became excited about the outlook of a more practical work field and AMEP was a logical and fun next step to expand my knowledge of experimental physics. This direction also allows me to explore my interest into science communication, and explain these applied scientific concepts to people outside the field.

Name Levi Oudejans

Background BSc in Physics and Astronomy at the University of Amsterdam. 

Why AMEP I like the combination of fundamental physics and the wide range of applications that AMEP has to offer. It provides a solid basis in theoretical physics with experimental knowledge. I would like to use this to work in a lab and contribute to science and technology.

Name Tijmen Groot

Background Before AMEP I did the Bsc. Physics and Astronomy at the University of Amsterdam.

Why AMEP During my final project in the bachelor’s I found out that I really enjoyed the combination of theory and experiments. This master seemed like a good option as it allowed me to continue research in the group I worked in during the bachelors project.

Name Ferran Aliagas Puigdomènech

Background I studied a physics bachelors degree in the University of Barcelona (UB). In my 4th year I did an Erasmus exchange for one semester in the UvA and loved the different educational approach. 

Why AMEP After finishing my bachelor’s I had some options in mind. I had enjoyed courses like condensed matter, electrical physics, statistical physics… However, I also liked theoretical courses so a choice had to be made. After overthinking all the different possibilities I decided that experimental physics was a better fit for my interests and then given that I loved the UvA I thought the wisest choice was to come back to the Netherlands to do the master’s.

Name Max Marshall

Background I started studying electrical engineering and transitioned to working as a programmer. Physics looked more attractive to me at that point since programming became too client oriented, and so after completing the physics and astronomy bachelor at the UvA, I signed up for AMEP.

Why AMEP I wanted to be a baker really but now I’m overqualified and indoctrinated.

Name Halid Kara

Background I did a HBO bachelor degree in Applied Physics at the Hague University of Applied Sciences which I finished in 2020. After that I worked for a bit after that and in 2022/2023 I did a pre-master to get into the masters.

Why AMEP I chose AMEP because it possible to make it a nice combination of theoretical and experimental physics.

Name Reuben Cohn-Gordon

Background CS and linguistics, but working as a software engineer, I got interested in physics, particular quantum and statistical mechanics.

Why AMEP Condensed matter physics is an interesting mix of experimental and theoretical physics, and AMEP seemed like a great fit for my interests.

Name Louis Veerkamp

Background  Electrical Engineering with a focus on Sustainable Energy Systems at the AUAS, premasters in physics at the UvA.

Why AMEP  I chose for experimental physics, because I like the practical side of physics. After a short premaster I chose the AMEP track in the master of physics, because I want to further develop my theory and specialize in more advanced materials (and energy physics).

Name Emma van der Spek

Background BSc in Physics and Astronomy at the University of Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit.

Why AMEP During my bachelor’s degree, I developed interest mostly in soft matter, condensed matter, statistical physics and optics, and AMEP feels like the perfect place to explore those fields further.

Name Jens Wagemaker

Background Exact sciences, I have bachelor degrees in Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science. 

Why AMEP I’m driven to understand nature at a fundamental level. But I also like to create, build and get concrete results. AMEP is concrete and there seem to be plenty of opportunities in experimental physics.

Name Cian Dooley

Background I did a bachelor degree in Physics and Astronomy in Dublin. After completing my bachelors, I worked for 2 years while deciding what the next step was in my studies.

Why AMEP I chose AMEP because it was the most interesting course I found and had everything I enjoyed doing the most in my bachelor degree. After working in a desk job for a year I realized I wanted something that was more hands-on and involved more than just sitting at a desk. After looking at the AMEP course, this seemed like the perfect option. 

Name Susanne de Bruin

Background Bsc in Future Planet Studies (UvA). 

Why AMEP Did a minor in sustainable energy and mostly steered to the physics part. During my bachelor’s thesis research in the Earth Sciences labs I realized I really liked doing research.

Name Tjalling Ruiten

Background BSc. in education (in physics) and then a pre-master’s at the University of Amsterdam/Vrije Universiteit for the MSc Physics and Astronomy.

Why AMEP Being very excited about the next generation of energy storage materials AMEP seemed like a logical choice.

Name Javier Díaz

Background it does not matter to me

Why AMEP By chance

Role in AMEP Xavi (Chubby) Potter