About us

● Name: Hsiu Min Wu
● Educational Background: Liberal Arts & Science degree (with honours)
○ Amsterdam University College
○ Joint UvA-VU degree
○ Bachelor of Sciences
● Why AMEP: I wanted to study the physics of things around us, like pollen in water or the flow of Honey. AMEP offers one the chance to do so while training its students to be able to utilize their studies for their future careers.
● Role in AMEP team: Secretary & Technician.

● Name: Kian Goeloe
● Educational Background:
○ BSc. Engineering Physics – Fontys University of Applied Sciences
● Why AMEP: Eager for knowledge, I was searching for a master that provides both the theoretical and the experimental side of physics. After many presentations and seminar’s of several masters available in The Netherlands, AMEP was the best fit!
● Role in AMEP team: Website and Pictures