A trapped-ion quantum sensor for the search for new physics

The Standard Model of physics is still far from complete: there is an unexplained asymmetry between matter and antimatter in the universe, gravity is not included and dark matter and dark energy are not understood. Quantum sensors have become strong tools to search for effects stemming from physics beyond the Standard Model. I am searching for 1-2 MSc students to work on the development of a state-of-the-art trapped-ion quantum sensor at the LaserLaB VU for the search for new physics. The operating principles of the sensor are based on techniques from the field of precision spectroscopy and quantum information science. In this experimental project you can work on the development of a highly stable laser system to realise optical atomic clock spectroscopy or on hardware for trapping and cooling of single ions to <1 mK temperatures.


I am also searching for a PhD student who wants to join my team. If you are interested, read more and apply here: https://werkenbij.vu.nl/ad/phd-in-precision-trapped-ion-quantum-metrology/4tkr6b

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